Who We Are

Hay and District Chamber of Commerce works to make Hay a better place to run a business. We have a diverse group of members, from general stores to B&Bs, outdoor activity providers to accountants. We meet roughly five times a year and have a monthly management meeting, we try to keep meetings accessible, informal, and above all short – with plenty of time to carry on discussions over a drink afterwards!

We all have an increasing number of commitments, in terms of time and money – so why join the Chamber of Commerce? Here are just a few of the reasons…

The Chamber is a platform to have your voice heard. Individually we can try to get our points across with varied success, but when we come together and speak with one voice as the Chamber, it’s easier to get people to listen.

The Chamber is a platform to try new things. Perhaps you have a great idea for the town, or a project you’ve always wanted to launch, but have never had the time. By collaborating with other Chamber members you can refine your ideas and use the resources of the Chamber to help keep Hay special.

By attending Chamber meetings you can meet and network with other business owners in the town – all of whom are your potential customers of the future.