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We all have an increasing number of commitments, in terms of time and money – so why join the Chamber of Commerce? Here are just a few of the reasons…

  • The Chamber is a platform to have your voice heard – when we come together and speak with one voice as the Chamber, it’s easier to get people to listen.
  • The Chamber is a platform to try new things – by collaborating with other Chamber members you can refine your ideas and use the resources of the Chamber to help keep Hay special.
  • By attending Chamber meetings, you can meet and network with other business owners in the town – all of whom are your potential customers of the future.
  • You will receive access to a regularly refreshed and updated set of Hay-related stock images taken for us by local, professional photographers to use on your website, marketing material, social media or anywhere you like!
  • You will be eligible for a reduced rate from the Warren Committee if you’d like to rent the Butter Market
  • Plus many new incentives being developed….

Chamber membership is still just £25 a year – the subscription fee hasn’t changed over the past 20 years. We feel this represents excellent value for money when you weigh up the benefits.

As a member you can:

  • Attend all Chamber meetings (held roughly twelve times a year) and have your voice heard. Come along to a couple to see what we’re all about before committing.
  • Join the closed Facebook group Hay Small Business Community to chat informally to other members, share ideas, ask questions and more.
  • Vote for office holders at our AGM held every year.
  • Join our Hay Voucher scheme and accept vouchers at your business.
  • Feature in our press and PR campaigns to bring people to the town.
  • Have your say, be better connected and stay up to date
  • Find out more about and perhaps join one of our spin-off working groups – for example Access to Cash, Independence & Bookstagram Hay Celebrations Committee, Hay Christmas Lights and Hay Small Business Support Network.
  • Stay bang up to date – efficient lines of communication are key in a world with Covid-19 and we are keen to ensure the business community are always included, well represented and prioritised.

Your membership fee also helps to fund/facilitate:

  • The Hay Vouchers scheme
  • The annual Christmas lights display in the town.
  • The Thursday market in the town.
  • PR and promotion for the town.
  • Small Business Support
  • The Parish Hall
  • Hay in Bloom
  • Christmas Window Competition
  • independence Celebrations

What else would you like the Chamber to do? As a member you can put your suggestions forward and get things done!

Interested in becoming a member? It’s very simple…
Just click on the “Subscribe” button below.
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Who is eligible to join?

Anyone who runs a business in Hay or the surrounding areas is welcome to join the Chamber of Commerce. As long as you are interested in getting involved in business life in the town, we want to hear from you.